Students from Wolverhampton Visit School

The students of Wolverhampton University came to Cambridge International School, Phagwara as part of an exchange program. Adhering to the changing trends in Indian Culture and Education System, seven students came for a 4 day educational tour from the University to school. The students were Sim, Josh, Jonathan Koki, Richard Baker, Cloy Johnson, Miriam and Dylan Wood. They exchanged ideas, held discussions on the curriculum and conference with experts and representatives of various subjects. They were mainly focusing on grades 1 to 8 as well as CIE classes.

The activities were related to the subjects of Maths, Science and English. The activities included Mental Maths, Bingo, The Users of Bones and Muscles, Story Building, etc. The students were trained in the Singaporean Method of Three Digits Multiplication in an interesting way. There exchanged ideas in Team Teaching and Team Work.

The foreign students enjoyed games like Football, Shooting and many other sports made available in school. They were made to witness the cultural programs at school. Even principal sir indulged in an exchange of valuable ideas with them. When they left, they were filled with warm memories and an enhanced learning. Chairman K.S. Bassi and Managing Director K.S. Bains also welcomed them.