Biology Lab

There are numerous preserved biological specimens to observe and study, widening the exposure of students to the world of Biology. Biology activities and experiments are educational, exciting, and often times great fun.

Chemistry Lab

The facilities and wide range of chemicals and apparatus allow the students a hands-on experience in learning Chemistry. It is really nice to get them in here with hands-on activities. They get really excited and want to be engaged.

Composite Science Lab

The expressionhands-on, minds-onactivities — that students will learn best as they are actively engaged and their activities are closely linked to understanding important concepts and to use hands-on models to engage student interest and foster multiple modality learning.

Physics Lab

The equipment for Physics allows students to perform experiments and study various principles and laws. The lab is very well furnished and is well equipped with all the apparatus that are necessary enough to impart practical knowledge to the students and help them understand the importance of physics and its applications in day to day life.

ICT Labs

Fully networked and equipped with latest computers. State of art IT applications with interactive tools support the IBM curriculum being followed in the school.

Math Labs

Children need concrete experience to acquire sound mathematical concepts. Math Lab is equipped to support them to investigate and make discoveries for themselves.

Social Studies Labs