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How is your School an International School?
How is your School different from others?
My child has a special need in some areas. Can he/she be included in the regular class? What support is available for him/her?
What curriculum/syllabus do you use?
What fine arts and extra-curricular activities will be part of the school day?
What is the program for your Kindergarten/Nursery level?
What is your academic philosophy?
What support is available to my child?
Who is in charge of your curriculum/teaching methodology?


What is your philosophy of Discipline?


Are students with the same teacher all day or do they have different teachers for different subjects?
Are your Teachers experienced? Where have they taught before?
How are your Teachers trained and selected?
What is student-teacher ratio?


How often will the fees be adjusted?

Oversight & International Affiliations

Are you using international academics?
What is the nature of your International affiliations?
Who is promoting this School?
Will my child get to study abroad?

Parent Involvement

How will I be informed of my child's progress?

School Time

What is the School Calendar Year?
What is the School Timing?
What is the Timing of Kindergarten Students?


Is Transportation facility provided for Nursery/Kindergarten Students?
To which areas the School Transportation facility is provided?
What Supervision is available on the buses?