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Show and Tell Competition (Kindergarten)
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Published on 02 Mar, 2017

 ‘Best way to conquer stage fright is to know what you are talking about.’

 Show and tell aims to teach young students about public speaking skills and thereby building their confidence too.

Kindergarten Show and Tell Competition was held on 28th February 2014, Friday in the school Auditorium. It helped the students to gain confidence and improve their oral skills. In this competition students came with a variety of objects like books, cell phone, geometry box, car, paper toys, stuffed toy snake, house model, school model, gadgets of their favourite cartoon characters etc. and elaborated about the object with lot of confidence, facial expression and voice modulation. Each student’s presentation and confidence was superb.

The teachers and judges were really impressed by the way the children explained the technical and mechanical working of objects. The participants were congratulated for the excellent efforts they had put in. It was a successful event.