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Published on 01 Dec, 2017

 It is an era of technology. Further advancements and creative manipulations in the same make technology revolutionary. Taking up this theme, the students composed a well-executed video and produced it titled REVAMP. This competition was a great platform to showcase the talent of students mixed with a learning and awareness which they meant to impart.


This competition was organized at Kamla Nehru Public School. Students from sixteen schools became its part as competitors. The dominating theme for the competition was ‘Technology Equals Connection and Connection Equals Change’. The students who took up the challenge of creating a phenomenal video were Tushar Juneja (+1 Humanities) and Mehardeep Singh (IGCSE). Their video was immensely applauded and given the first place.


This competition proved to be their first learning step towards Film-Making and Cinematography. While into the task of creation, the students learnt a great deal from their teacher. All the challenges and obstacles that they faced worked as another learning step. Respected Principal gave them the trophy and encouraged other students to participate in whatever stream they feel interested in.


We at Cambridge wish to provide a ground for all talents. The objective remains that we want an overall personality development.