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Published on 08 Sep, 2017

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”- Anton Chekhov

Excelling in academics is not the sole achievement for a child. A student needs to groom himself with what is happening in the world outside books. There has become a deep connection in what one studies in books and how well one can relate it to the outside world. That is why; the students of today are becoming more acquainted with what is happening around. To appraise this general knowledge of students, Cambridge International School, Phagwara organized GK Prize Test on August 2, 2016. This GK Prize test was mainly focused on the students of grade VI to VIII. The mentioned age group participated in the test with gusto and the results were amazingly great!

 The test was conducted in the worksheet form and the topics ranged from National to global interests, from science to games, from architectural marvel to rocks and minerals. The performance of students was overwhelming and they were felicitated with certificates for their outstanding performance. The winners were great examples of smart and talented brains that have ceased to be just book worms and changed that phrase into knowledge-seeking ones.