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SPELL BEE – Building up words from letters
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Published on 17 Aug, 2017

 “One forgets words as one forgets names. One's vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die.

Drop by drop, they say, a sea is created and letter by letter, the words. This becomes the building block of the eventual power to express. Cambridge International School, Phagwara organized Spell Bee to enhance the vocabulary of the students. The participants ranged from Grade VI up to Grade X, with each grade, the words turning more profound. The procedure with which it was conducted was that Spell Bee was made an amalgamation of two rounds. The first round was an oral round and provided an opportunity to target every child. Thus, it was made compulsory for each child to be a part of this competition. After encouraging each student with a touch of competition, winners were sorted. After qualifying that foundation level, students alighted for the second round.

Giving it a certain complexity and twist, the second round was performed in writing. This touched all aspects of language learning in one single competition. The children memorized, built confidence of oral pronunciations and expressed in writing. With a suitable-to-age list of thirty well-sought words, the students were challenged so that they could brainstorm and win. The winners were commemorated with certificates and badges. Students were very happy as their vocabulary was enriched with various new words. It was a healthy and fruitful competition. They could learn new meanings of words as well as of the world which those words connect to.