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Published on 17 Aug, 2017

 “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

The innocent and vibrant soul of little Kindergarteners brightened up depicting their lusciousness in face, attire and demeanor. In Cambridge International School, Phagwara Solo Dance Competition was organized for these little Kindergarteners. All the little feet were in full swing and danced on different themes that suited their taste and talent. Kids performed and expressed their talent through Western themes, Punjabi Folk themes and Patriotic themes. They all performed enthusiastically in the competition. Parents were also invited for the competition to cheer and boost up the confidence of their child while performing on the stage. It was a gala time for the kids, who got a stage performance arranged for them, and parents, to see their little dancing stars.

The students had a strong support of their teachers who did their level best to enhance the talents, put shy feet of the dance floor and give direction to the one who had that spark.  With fervor in mind that, “I am the Dance Teacher”, the teachers took it as a thankful event when they realized that they got an, “opportunity to pass on their passion for the art of Dance.”

Such competitions in the school are an excellent platform for the budding artists. On the whole the competition rose to its grandeur with the heart throbbing performances by little hearts of kindergarten. It was like filling the air with the freshness and life that a little child holds.