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Published on 17 Aug, 2017

 “When our spelling is perfect, its invisible. But when it’s flawed , it prompts strong negative associations.

Thus, to radiate positivity is the aim and target of Cambridge International School, Phagwara. It wants its students to be the perfect specimens of talent and accuracy. One aspect touched for this was the organization of HINDI SPELLATHON to enhance the vocabulary of the students. Language has a great role to play. It expresses a person’s feelings through written as well as spoken mediums. All the students of classes 6 to 8 participated in this spellathon with the sole target to excel. Spellathon was an amalgamation of two rounds. The first round was a written round and it was mandatory for all. Qualifying students stepped ahead for the second round. It was also a written round. Giving it a certain complexity and twist, the second round was performed in writing. This touched all aspects of language learning in one single competition. The children memorized, built confidence of oral pronunciations and expressed in writing. With a suitable-to-age list of thirty well-sought words, the students were challenged so that they could brainstorm and win. The winners were commemorated with certificates and badges. The students, who were able to write all thirty spellings correctly, were declared as winners. Students were very happy as their vocabulary was enriched with various new words. It was a healthy and fruitful competition.