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Oratory skills exemplified by Grade XII through Debate Competition
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Published on 03 Jun, 2017

 Picking up the crucial cord of the present scenario, a debate competition on the topic ‘The Government Policies to improvise the slum areas’ was organized. The students were sensitized towards this grave issue and made to express their opinion about it. A stage was set for Grade XII students and each was expected to bring out the most mature ideas. These students of Cambridge International School, Phagwara competed with each other through the debate competition. A healthy and mature exchange of ideas filled the room. The audience also participated by learning and developing their own opinions of what is good and what is not. The whole repertoire of ideas was classified into two: Favor and Against. It is always beneficial to organize such platforms for the students to express their own views with freedom of speech, to give them the taste of living in a democracy which is of the people, for the people and by the people.