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Career Guidance Workshop: Learning to choose the best future
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Published on 02 Jun, 2017

 This fast-paced world demands quick actions and pre-planning. One should always remain one step ahead of one’s own self. collaborated with Cambridge International School, Phagwara to counsel the students in such crucial time which is like a foundation for their future. The sooner it is made, the better and faster will their building be constructed. It is true that one should be mindful that the actions that one takes in present mold the future. extended efforts to remove the cloud of ignorance among students and make their vision futuristic and crystal clear. Through the voice of eminent speakers, each being a master of one’s field, the students were given guidelines, myth-busters and a wide variety of options to choose from. All the doubts were cleared and the final decision was left on the students. In a way, made decision-making an easy process. Their guidance started with Grade VI to VIII, the primary focus being time management. These grades were also guided on making the best use of even the little resources that they have. Grade IX to XI were taken a step higher when they were given guidelines on the importance of planning their career at the right time. The students were enthralled by the experiences of such speakers. It was ensured that the destination, which may perhaps be hazy, was at least made visible to them.

Students at this stage are like clay, ready to be shaped by the best circumstances offered to them. CIS, Phagwara tried the same along with JAYCEES of Phagwara. Grade IX to XII were offered a chance to witness such counseling. An eminent constellation of people graced the occasion. The stars which shaped it were renowned in their fields of IT, Medicine, C.A., Law, Hotel Management, Army, Journalism, Education, Radio Jockeying, Fashion Design and Cosmology. An awareness regarding the best institutes, their eligibility criteria, need-for-the-present, fee structure and all such important details was provided. There was a combined audience of CIS and some other schools of Phagwara. Conducive environment for question-and-answer was created. No student was left unanswered.