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Brainstorming through G.K. Quiz Competition: A Pine House Endeavor
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Published on 02 Jun, 2017

 “Knowledge will forever govern Ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”                                                     -James Madison
Cambridge International School, Phagwara, like any other school, has divided its students into four families with beautiful colors and names. These are Cedar, Maple, Oak and Pine. These always work in coordination for the smooth functioning of the student’s activities. Conducting a quiz competition among these houses solved the sole purpose of making the students inculcate in them the spirit of Healthy Competition. Knowledge sans current affairs is incomplete. A student is expected to be an all-rounder. One who reads newspapers, retains general events, relates everything with what is current, is thought to be a perfect student. The stage was set for all these brilliant students to compete with their peers, develop their mental faculty and realize their shortcomings. Although each student was excellent, the win depended upon the swiftness in replying. Their general knowledge and intelligent quotient was tested on the various themes set in various rounds. Current Affairs are an indispensible part of a G.K. Quiz. The questions in each round were framed intelligently and thought-over and replied by students diligently. Audio Visual aids were also made use of. History, Science, Computer, Sports, and Famous Personalities became a part of the questionnaire. Time-bound rounds with accurate watch over the teams, was also done. It was a Play-And-Learn activity in which not just the players but the audience learned too. Students playing and participating with such seriousness was a delight to watch.