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Academic Excellence Award Ceremony: An Honor to Perseverance
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Published on 02 Jun, 2017

 Each student has talent. Some outshine, some remain in the process for quite some time. But each individual student has the power to shine which cannot be underestimated. Awards for Academic Excellence were bestowed on meritorious students who scored well in their academics. These awards were also a push to those who are in the process, a push to reach the same destination as the winners soon. Grade I to XI students were a part of this prestigious gathering. This was made a more honorable feat for the students when even their parents were invited to grace the occasion. The eyes of the parents shone and their lips smiled when their precious child was being awarded with this precious award. Beautiful trophies were given to awardees which will be opulence at home, an inspiration, a benchmark. This ceremony was like crossing another threshold for the students.

Intermingled with the academic awards was a Talent Hunt show, which was a charming delight for all. The parents were already feeling happy and this function was like a silver lining to it. There was a cultural medley displayed through ramp-walk and dances like Gatka performance. This paved way for the new students to feel comfortable at their new surroundings and also provide a show of talent to the guests. This showcase of the motto of Dream, Dare and Do in a function was worth remembering.