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Ek Prayas- a school for Special Children- Exhibition
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Published on 02 Aug, 2017

 It’s been truly said by John Bunyan, that “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

The IAYP Award participants of Cambridge International School, Phagwara held an exhibition showcasing the creative and attractive work done by the students of Ekprayas, a school in Ludhiana (Punjab) for children with special needs. To make a difference toward the lives of these children, the students took the initiative to help them under the expert guidance of our Principal Sir Mr.Jorawar Singh and Award leaders, Mrs. Manju Verma, Mrs.Amanpreet Kaur, Mrs. Ravinder and other teachers who helped in the campaign.

It was surprising to see the various pieces of handwork such as diyas, Diwali mandirs, kitchen napkins and shagun envelopes made by children of Ek Prayas which were highly admired by all.  The students very enthusiastically organized the exhibition  ; each item was rendered carefully and lovingly without the slightest trace of sloppiness. The exhibition became the center of interest to the teachers, students and parents who came to see their work. Many of them purchased the items made by these students while others donated for them. The money collected after the sale and donation was sent to the school which would definitely be a great help for them.

Such an initiative not only provided the students the platform to connect to the society but also contributed to the schools mission.