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Sports Day (Kindergarten)
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Published on 14 Apr, 2017

 “Sports complete the education and shape the character of a person.”

Sports play a vital role in imparting complete education. It develops the life skills like fair-play, team-spirit, a sense of comradeship and discipline.

With all glory and sportsman spirit the 4th Annual Sports Meet 2013-14 of Cambridge Kindergarten was organised on 14th March 2014 in the School Sports Ground. The Chief Guest, Mr. K.S. Bains, the managing director of the school, hoisted the School Flag followed by balloon releasing ceremony that signals the opening of the event. Mr. Amarjeet Singh was also present there on this occasion.

Nursery students participated with great enthusiasm in races like frog race, let’s go for shopping race etc. The cultural programme and P.T. was also organized for the entertainment which was much appreciated. Similarly, various adventurous races were the part of this event. Soldier training, off to the picnic, tidy up and go, rolling up the mats, hoola-hoops race were some of the highlights of the day. Mothers were equally excited while playing games. The children were cheering up their mothers with great enthusiasm and zeal.

The participants were rewarded with Gold, Bronze and Silver Medals. Chief Guest and Principal congratulated for the excellent efforts put in by all Kindergarten and Support team. It was a successful event.


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