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Mother’s Day Celebration
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Published on 29 May, 2017

 "A MOTHER'S LOVE PERCEIVES NO IMPOSSIBILITES" was proved by CIS mothers when they shared the stage with their little ones in Mom & Me fancy dress for the celebration of motherhood. Fairy Characters from old fables, 1960’s retro and Space was the theme of this year. Mothers with their little ones got an opportunity to walk on ramp together. Little Riding Redhood and her Grandmother, Cindrella and her prince were some of the highlights of the show. Whole stage was sparkling like moon and stars in the space, beautiful fairies in the sky and Retro dresses were making the ambiance glorious. The winners received the gift with great pride.

Principal Mr.Jorawar Singh congratulated the winners and appreciated the participation by the mothers who showed the great enthusiasm and made the day a successful episode.


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